Dr. John Palmer

Visionary, Founder, Chiropractor

Dr. John Palmer is a Alabama native that has traveled the world looking for the best and most useful practices to help humans function their absolute best. Natural healthcare is instilled in his personal life, permeates his family decisions, and clinical practice. It is the foundation for his vision of all humans performing optimally and living their highest quality of life. He brings over 16 years’ experience in chiropractic, functional nutrition, and fitness to Birmingham, Alabama.

He is a graduate of the doctorate program at Life Chiropractic College, a studied chef for 12 years,  a fitness enthusiast, avid mountain biker, a 12+ year chiropractic missionary to the people of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, El Salvador, India and a student of fixing the human body for life. He studied advanced chiropractic techniques while working in Iceland. He is certified in CBP and Webster technique. Dr. John Palmer is the founder and visionary for one of the worlds first completely integrated natural health care clinics. Archetype Health is the remedy to our static health system in America. It integrates all natural methods to fix human faults and build a bridge back to normal and beyond.