April 10, 2023

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Building up determination to lose weight is a feat in itself. Actually losing weight is even harder to accomplish. The real accomplishment is losing the weight and keeping it off of your body. If you’ve done this congratulations :) if you’ve done it multiple times, that is a massive amount of discipline and determination. There’s a solution to keeping it off the first time.

The weight-loss community’s usually built up for a specific dietary plan this generates a lot of money in the short term for certain companies and minimal results for the people wanting a happier body to live in. I can tell you this weight gain is not a normal thing for your body to do. Your organ system is struggling to keep up so weight naturally adds over time which eventually leads to other health problems as life progresses.

The key is fixing the organs toxicity, specifically your liver, digestive system, and blood glucose stability. When these systems are functioning the way we were designed it’s normal to lose weight naturally. Diet does need to be paid attention to and being physically active is important too but it’s honestly not the bulk of this weight loss equation. At ARCHETYPE our doctors for the past 12 years have helped all types of people not only lose weight but reach the level of performance they desire in their life.

Our doctors will initially sit down with you to understand your unique situation and build a specific plan to address your specific health goals. Then we build a custom plan including dietary change, fitness plan, and an incredible team to support your success and completion of whatever goals are set by you and the Archetype Health Team.

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We can help. We can help you build momentum to whatever state you’re in to perform the best you’ve in a long time.

We want to see you move, we want to see you thrive.

-Dr. John Palmer 

Your Birmingham Chiropractor

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