April 10, 2023

Pain-Free Feet = Mobile Feet

Pain-Free Feet = Mobile Feet

Your Feet Should Never Hurt.

If you have foot pain at any point during your day then there is a problem somewhere in the lower half of your body. If you have pain associated with hip, knee, or ankle pain then it’s extremely likely that the foot problem is linked and is the same problem. Most individuals will have an injury that will come and go away multiple times throughout the year. These problems are very rarely going to magically disappear and will turn into a chronic issue if left unattended. This problem can go away with a trained professional like a chiropractor or human biomechanics specialist these professionals will help to get the problem area moving again. Movement equals life and functionality, we have to get your body moving the way your body was designed to move.

At Archetype, we specialize in figuring out your injury and then building a plan to solve your problem so you can actively perform your daily lifestyle. You were meant to move freely and uninhibited, when you don’t problems arise, the longer you wait the problem compounds and will get worse. Address it now, it won’t go away. We look forward to seeing you at our clinic.

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