April 10, 2023

Americas Natural Heath and Movement Center

Americas Natural Heath and Movement Center

When I built Archetype I envisioned a facility that was unlike anything I have personally have ever discovered. I personally visited 100+ gyms, health facilities, medical practices, spas, PT clinics, etc that led to the creation of this unique facility. I have built a facility that bridges the gap between two empty holes in our health system. Educating each and every client uniquely when they walk through the Archetype doors is the beginnings of healing a broken health system.

We do this on a life style system called the 5 foundations of health.

1. Fixing Humans - Figuring out your problem then building you a path to a higher quality of life. This evaluation will assess your movement patterns, nutrition, energy systems, and get your specific health questions answered . This evaluation is foundational to you getting back to the gym, performing in your life, and showing you how your body was designed to feel and function. You have a whole dedicated team to supporting you.

2. Optimal Human Performance - This is our concierge healthcare program. It is an “all in” program. We take applications for these spots and is built for individuals that have specific purposes, events or races they are training. We specifically designed this program for CEO’s, Endurance Athletes, Professional Athletes, Busy Professionals, etc. We custom design your experience to you and facilitate your goals in motion. Helping people live better lives is my passion. Without your health there isn’t any level of a quality life. This is why Archetype exists. We want to see you thrive in your life. We want to be a part of your success story The whole archetype team is looking forward to meeting you,

Dr John Palmer



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