April 10, 2023

Fruit of the Month for September: Avocados

Fruit of the Month for September: Avocados

Fruit or Vegetable

Did you know that avocados are actually a fruit? It is classified as a fruit because it has a fleshy pulp, a large singular seed and grows on a tree. Unlike the typical fruit, avocados contain very low sugar content. The avocado or Persea americana :-), was first cultivated in Mexico in 500 BC. The Hass avocado is the leading global variety and most popular. The avocado and seed comprise about a third of the total weight of the fruit. Avocados require no processing and go straight from farm to market.The avocado is often referred to as a superfood. An official serving of avocado is considered to be 1/5th of an avocado, but most people eat one half. One half of an avocado is about 68 g on average, a full avocado is about a 100g. In one (100g) avocado you can find the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin K -21 mcg or 26% of daily value
  • Folate -81mcg or 20% of DV
  • Vitamin C - 10mg or 17% DV
  • Potassium -485 mg or 14% DV (Bananas have about 422 mg per 118 g banana(12% DV)).
  • Vitamin B6 -.3mg or 13% DV
  • Vitamin E as Alpha Tocopherol -2.1mg or 10% DV

An avocado also contains healthy fats and 6.7 g of Dietary fiber(27% DV).

Studies on Avocados

There have been many studies on avocados that have found the following:-Supports cardiovascular health by lowering LDLs (Low Density lipids)-Promotes healthy aging through antioxidant and DNA protective effects-May have decreased risk of cartilage defects seen in early Osteoporosis diagnosis-May improve joint health-Support weight control because they have a high satiety enhancing food.-May have eye health properties-May reduce UV damage and encourage wound healing -Increases the elasticity of the skin-Has proven to fight cancer in rats-Reduces the risk for metabolic syndrome

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