April 10, 2023

Foundation #3: Energy & Nutrition

Foundation #3: Energy & Nutrition


Hi, my name is Dr. John Palmer with Friends & Family Health Centers. I am one of the co-founders. I am doing a series of Foundations of Health that we teach all of our patients. We're on Foundation #3.

Foundation #3 is foods and fuel. What I mean by that isthat you have macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are all thefoods that you put in your body and micronutrients are going to be thesupplementation that you need to make sure that the things that you don't getfrom your foods you get through supplementation.

Typically, when people eat things, it is converted intofuel. And so what those things are being done is they're taken into thedigestive system. It's broken down properly. The digestive system, if workingcorrectly, allows it for absorption into the bloodstream. Into the bloodstreamit goes to the liver. The liver, it goes to everywhere else. The really coolthing about the liver is that it converts things to other things. And so everyorgan system in your body has a purpose, and so the liver is really, reallycool. It's a shape-shifter. It makes the body more efficient, and so bloodshunts through there at a high rate, and then it goes to the brain, thethyroid, the spleen, kidneys, and so the really cool part about having proper fuelis that the proper fuel that you take in on a daily basis fuels all these allother things to work correctly.

One thing that is really, really important is that you canknow what you take in, but what you want to really look at is taking in foodsthat are anti-inflammatory, that actually promote energy, that do not make youlethargic, that do not spike your blood sugar, that are not man-made, that areas close to nature as you can get it. So as close to the sun from gettingvegetables is a good source for fruits and vegetables. I had a mentor tell meonce that if something sits on a counter and it does not mold in three days,you shouldn't be eating it. That's a rule that I always think about, no matterwhat goes in my body.

Micronutrients are truly supplementation. There's a fewthings that everyone in the world ... maybe not everyone in the world, butalmost everyone in the world ... needs to be taking. Vitamin D absolutely is amicronutrient that you can take, that you have to take, because think aboutit... Where are you most of your day? You are inside a house. You're inside acar. You're inside work. When were you outside naked? Probably not any timesoon. What I mean by that is that we were meant to be in the sun. We were meantto get vitamin D from the sun, but even people in South America, the Caribbean,are deficient in vitamin D because they're doing the same things we're doing.We're inside, not in the sun. Vitamin D is something that everyone needs totake for normal function to exist. Every single cell in your whole body usesit.

The next thing is fish oil. In the American diet it's fishoil, so I'm speaking for Americans right now. We don't typically have any typeof omega-3s in our diet, so that's another micronutrient that you can take. A lotof people think that they need to take probiotics on a regular basis, butthat's not true. It really depends on the certain specific reason why you'retaking probiotics. It's very simple. The only things that everyone needs toabsolutely take are vitamin D and fish oil.

Now, getting into specific nutrients, that's why you haveblood testing. That's why you have a functional nutritionist look at your bloodto know what you're deficient in or what you're toxic in. We do it every day inthe clinic and we find many different patterns for many different people. Youcan have two people come in with the exact same presentation and get twocompletely different care plans, because everyone is unique.

My whole goal of saying this is that you have to eatclean. You are what you eat. Your mother was correct. You have to make surethat you get clean fuel into your body so you can actually get a result ofenergy. You can get a result of health. You can get a result of decreasedinterference for optimal life to exist in your body. The supplementation isabsolutely necessary.

Blood work, I feel, should be done one to two times a year to make sure that you can actually get the things that you are not getting in your diet. We have science in front of us that tells us we have the ability to know what is deficient or what is toxic, and then how you put the body back together to where it works as best as possible. That's what blood analysis is for. And so why we eat clean? So we can live the life we want to live. So you can be with your kids, so you can focus on your work, so you can be an athlete, so you can do all the things or whatever that makeup is for you, you can do that. Having a clean fuel is important for your organs to work, for your brain to work, and for you to live as long of a life as possible.

Thank you so much. My name is Dr. John Palmer. Check out our blog posts. Check out our website. It's a lot of other content there if you want to learn more.

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