April 10, 2023

Five Foundations of Health

Five Foundations of Health

Foundation One: Mental Acuity 

The first mission in our five core foundations of health is to Maximize Brain Health and Function, building mental acuity regardless of your age.⁠

Your brain is the command center, the keeper of memory, the processor of data. It senses, understands, refines, and decides. Our brains are amazing and mysterious. Keeping your brain healthy is the ultimate goal.⁠

The best way to improve brain health is to give it mental stimulation. The brain is always growing, adapting, and rewiring by growing new neurons. As we age, it’s common to experience loss of memory or fine motor skills. Most age-related memory and motor-skill loss are from lack of brain exercise. Just like any other organ, you have to exercise it to gain knowledge.

Foundation Two: Spinal Mobility 

The second pillar in our Five Foundations of Health is our focus on spinal mobility. ⁠

The spine is responsible for protecting the spinal cord which sends and receives messages from the brain. The spine must be strong and flexible in order to detect something as vital and essential to life as these brain-to-body communications. ⁠

For optimal health, we must make sure that the brain signals can reach the body (& vice versa) in the best possible way. This is where chiropractic care comes in. Spinal adjustments help restore proper function to the nervous system which helps the body heal naturally.


Foundation Three: Nutrition 

Nutrition is a vital part of our overall health. Providing our bodies with the right fuel and nutrients is essential. We must give our bodies the best building blocks possible to keep us strong, stable, well, and full of energy. You really are what you eat!⁠

Book your Nutrition Evaluation today so we can properly assess what macronutrients and micronutrients you need to move through the holidays in health.

Foundation Four: Movement 

Movement. The missing element in our modern, American workday.⁠

How many of you are reading this post right now, having completed 8, 10, 12, or more hours hunched over your computer without moving your body? Likely the majority of you.⁠

The reality is that without movement we invite disease, we invite pain. ⁠

At Archetype, we move not to avoid the hurt, not just to keep pain at bay. We move to a more fully live.

Foundation Five: Minimize Toxins 

Foundation V focuses on minimizing and eliminating as many toxins as possible from our diet, beauty products, and in our environment to give our bodies a chance to recover and regenerate each day.⁠

⁠It is not easy to completely avoid toxins because we breathe in toxins, wash with toxic water, eat foods that are laced with dangerous chemicals and use personal care products that contain dangerous ingredients and clean with products that are similarly hazardous. The best we can do is to reduce intake of, or contact with, such substances.⁠

⁠Some quick tips: eat organic, avoid processed foods, use natural personal care products, use natural cleaning products in your home, and drink purified water.

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