April 10, 2023

Be the Change You Wish to See

Be the Change You Wish to See

Be the Change Gandhi’s VoiceThe phrase coined by Mahatma Gandhi is often voiced, but how often is it practiced? There is so much wisdom in the phrase “be the change that you wish to see in the world”; be the example for others to see and witness. You, as an example, will influence more people than you ever will by just trying to profess or talk about “the change” you want to see happen. The change will happen faster if you are the example. Your influence will be infinitely brighter if you practice what you want to see change.

What Do You Want to Change?

Now … choose what you want people to believe in. I know, I want people to believe in the ability of their bodies to heal themselves. The human body has an incredible capability to heal itself. We don’t give it nearly enough credit for the power that is within it to overcome just about anything. This disbelief in our bodies is why we, as Americans, are so sick as a population. We run to medicine any time that we see our body struggling.

My Challenge to You

My Name is Dr. John Palmer. I’m a natural health provider and Birmingham, Alabama-based chiropractor. I’m going to challenge you. If you begin to decide to take better care of yourself, I promise you will be healthier for more of your life than not. I’m not referring to the common cold, I’m referring to real sickness and disease. Sickness, disease, and dysfunction take time to evolve. It takes 10, 20, or even 30 years of “coasting” on your health fuel tank. Your body is designed to fight sickness; the problem lies in never investing back in your health. Investing in your health daily means:1. Eating clean and consistently2. Moving every single day—exercise/get adjusted3. Hydrating hourly/daily4. Reading/adding new info into your life daily5. Minimizing manmade junk in your body self Care. More importance needs to be emphasized on self-care. Self-care needs to happen even more if you have symptoms in your body aka “you’re sick.” Seek out a natural healthcare provider to help you get your health back. If the medicine is needed then do so, but the whole goal is not to take medicine long-term or even if you don’t need it. If you do need medical care/medicine, you absolutely can not ignore the support side of your body which is your immune system, but more specifically the symphony of all your organ systems working together. Medicine will always fail you if you ignore the support side of your body. If you are sick then you may need a blend of medical and natural health support for the rest of your life. I have many patients that fall into this blend of natural/medical care. We as Americans are too accepting of sickness and medication being "the fix."It should be a warning that if you don’t think about the philosophy of how you run your body you will evolve into sickness and disease.

The Choice is yours most amazing thing here is that you can live your life exactly the way you want. Whatever your dreams are, you can achieve them with health in your body. Health happens daily. Health happens every time you eat. Health happens when you have a plan for it as you age. Only you have control of it, not your wife, daughter, mother, uncle, or friend. YOU AND ONLY YOU HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH. TAKE ACTION NOW AND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Written By: Dr. John Palmer—natural health provider and chiropractor, Birmingham, Alabama

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