April 10, 2023

5 Foundations of Health

5 Foundations of Health

The 5 foundations:

  1. To maximize brain health
  2. To increase mobility and strength of the spine
  3. To give natural fuel and nutrients to the body
  4. To increase muscle strength and blood flow through exercise
  5. To minimize toxicity in the body

This is the structure we use in our Chiropractor clinic for building a healthy lifestyle. All of these components are the focus areas to achieve and maintain a healthy body and mind. All of these foundations are interdependent. For example, you cannot have a fully healthy brain if you are not eating and exercising correctly. If you aren’t consuming the proper nutritious foods, exercising will be less effective. The brain and the body depend on each other and are in constant communication. All of the 5 foundations should be utilized in succession. If one is put ahead of the other, the individual will experience a benefit in their health but will not reach true optimal function.So many people fail to reach their goals or they develop disease because they are not focused on all of the components of health. You cannot reach your health potential if you don’t incorporate all of these foundations into your lifestyle together.

Maximizing Brain Health

Maximizing brain health can be almost completely comprised of the other 4 foundations. We need healthy, strong spines, energy, cell health, blood flow, and healthy immune systems to support a healthy brain. Other things that make a healthy brain include psychological health, a peaceful, sound mind, stress management, etc. These things are often hard to measure and control. But we know that being able to manage stress and have a calmer, happier mind will keep the body healthier as well. How do we help bring this about in ourselves? One major way is to get enough sleep. Sleep is so important for allowing the brain to function better, so make sure you get plenty of sleep and go to bed at a consistent time each night. Some other things we recommend are meditation, setting goals, learning new things, taking a walk or exercising. These things are simple enough, and can help us improve and maintain mental clarity and focus.

Spinal Strength and Movement

Your spinal cord facilitates the communication between the brain and the body. This communication allows signals to flow between the brain and the muscles, organs, and cells. If this connection is disturbed or interrupted by subluxation or spinal injury, the brain will not be able to communicate as well which effects all areas of health. Since the brain is the control center, it has to be able to tell the body what to do. By strengthening, protecting and allowing movement of the spine, we can help keep the communication between the brain and body at its best. This is why getting adjusted is essential.

Nutrition & Fuel

Making sure you are giving your body the most nutritious fuel is key. Your cells are built off of the nutrients you consume. Your energy comes from the nutrients you consume. You really are what you eat in a sense. That’s why it’s crucial to provide your body with the cleanest fuel and the best building materials for your cells. Think of your body as a car: dirty fuel will keep you going for a while, but it will eventually ruin your car. Cleaner fuel will keep your car running longer and more efficiently. In human terms, however, it's even more crucial because your cells form from the nutrients. Eating healthy is also important for keeping your digestive system functioning well.

Muscle Strength and Blood Flow

Working your muscles creates more circulation to the brain and body. Exercising helps us deliver more oxygenated blood to our muscles. It also helps us strengthen our muscles and heart. Daily activities such as walking, running, yoga, hiking, dancing, or swimming can help increase your body’s circulation. Consistent exercising will also give you more energy and muscle strength, especially if incorporated with healthy eating. Exercising has so many great benefits including reduced risk of disease, better sleep, improved memory, boosted energy and a stronger body. You don't have to be a body builder or an athlete to exercise - the important thing is that you do something. Just move and get your blood pumping! Let exercise become a part of your day.

Minimizing Toxins

It’s important to avoid toxins because they effect the immune system. There are toxic materials all around us like cigarette smoke, car exhaust, pesticides, plastic, lead, formaldehyde, household cleaners, and so much more. These things are around us every day, so it’s important that we limit our exposure as much as possible. Keep the immune system strong by buying organic fruits and vegetables, more natural household cleaners, paying attention to the products you use and doing what you can to keep your environment cleaner.

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-Dr. John Palmer



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