April 10, 2023

What Stimulates Your Brain The Most?

What Stimulates Your Brain The Most?

“Dr.G Lawrence Rarickk conducted studies indicating that physical motion in childhood supports endocrine and neurological development as well as overall metabolism, leading to healthy growth of body and brain.” 

The brain needs stimulation and it gets the most stimulation from movement.

Brain puzzles are fun, but they will never strengthen your brain like movement. That's why I am big on balance and gross motor skills!

One of the biggest things that can interfere with good balance and gross motor skills is low muscle tone. I think low muscle is often we people retain primitive reflexes as well. The brain just isn't getting enough information to integrate them.

Studies suggest that adding vibration, especially to movement can help increase muscle tone. The more muscle tone you have the more stimulation your brain gets when you move!

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