April 10, 2023

What is Brain Fog?

What is Brain Fog?

Our ancestors had their own health issues. Brain fog absolutely was not one of them. This is a problem of the modern human. It’s mainly dietary related. This is a massive topic though, changing what you eat is only part of solving this problem. The organ systems of the body have to be operational before getting a human well. This is unique to the individual looking for assistance and also unique to modern lifestyle, but fixing the dysfunctional human isn’t the oasis of a life full of life.

The answer to fixing most health problems is having a doctor/team that understands human physiology and has clinical experience doing so, a dedicated/serious patient that wants to get well, a patient that gives consistent effort to get well, and time.

Every human is absolutely unique and they need constant answers to questions and solutions to the problems that arise in their journey to lifetime health and fitness.

The archetype team can help and has massive experience helping individuals fixing their broken body and getting life back into their life.

This is exactly why I built archetype health. We use natural health backed by science and years of experience to get people well.

Dr John Palmer

Your Chiropractor in Birmingham

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