April 10, 2023

Unorthodox Methods = Unparalleled Results.

Unorthodox Methods = Unparalleled Results.

Unorthodox Methods = Unparalleled Results.

For 10 years our team has helped thousands of people reach a higher quality of life that enables them to live the life they choose.
Getting people healthier is always the goal, not just covering up symptoms but finding the cause is the key to lifetime health.

Lifetime health requires consistent research which correlates to a better quality of life for our patients. This is why our evolution from friends and family health into Archetype happened. The evidence was clear we were not providing the best care possible to our community and patients. The research is overwhelming that as humans we must train for adaptability to maximize functionality. This is why we offer classes on how to lift heavy (safely), increasing heart rate adaptability in the altitude room, and maximize your joint health/mobility.

Our health care program makes getting healthier much easier as we streamline the entirety of the process. Our goal is making you less dependent on doctors, gyms, and therapy. We want to teach you to be independent. Our classes are centered around strength, mobility, and energy systems. All were designed by a team with extensive knowledge on athleticism, human movement, and keeping you injury free.

We are looking forward to meeting you in your journey to a healthy functioning body. You deserve it. Your family deserves it.

Dr John Palmer

Your Birmingham Chiropractor

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