April 10, 2023

Specific Natural Healthcare

Specific Natural Healthcare

Natural methods of healing and health produce more good in your life than bad. The inverse is just as true, the more unnatural items in your body leads to unnatural results that harm. Quality of Life is an accumulation of every right and wrong decision of a lifetime, that result is our health. If we do well, we are rewarded but not immune to challenges and if not then we will be looked at as unfortunate, unlucky, or dealt a bad deal. Ultimately you have control of your health and life. Seeking health takes time, money, and inconvenience. I can guarantee this though, it feels amazing to age gracefully and not follow the masses into health care debt. Most of modern society will not fare well as they age, health decline begins in 40’s with medication use, weight gain, and sometimes a disease process already brewing.

What ever the multitudes of the world are doing, do the opposite. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Question everyone and everything then make the best decision for your health and quality of life.

In Health,

Dr J

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