April 10, 2023

Reset Your Sleep Cycle

Reset Your Sleep Cycle

If you don’t sleep, you don’t repair, and if don’t repair you begin to break down. Everyone needs sleep and time to rebuild. The modern world we live in constantly breaks us down and the one reprieve from this is quality sleep. Here are some resources to help you sleep better and live your best life.

1. Wake in the morning and let sunlight hit your eyes.

2. Wake at the same time in the mornings and be consistent, miss one wake up? It’s okay, miss two? Your neurochemistry begins to adapt to your “new” pattern. Consistency is key.

3. Remove irritants from your body's environment. Bread, dairy, sugar, etc

4. Fast for 18-48hrs. Your body repairs many of the “sleep” mechanisms when in deep ketosis fasted state.

Implement these and your sleep can improve drastically. Need help with sleep and other dysfunctions of the human body? We can assist.

Dr John Palmer

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