April 10, 2023

Psychomotor development

Psychomotor development

Psychomotor learning is the development of organized patterns of muscular activities guided by signals from the environment. Psychomotor skills are movement tasks that require both cognitive and motor processes.

"Psychomotor development in the first year of life is possible due to activity and then integration of primitive (neonatal) reflexes. The presence of active primitive reflexes (APRs) in preschool and school-aged children indicates neuromotor immaturity. Studies show dependencies between the preserved activity of primary reflexes and developmental problems such as learning difficulties (problems with reading, writing, reduced mathematics skills, and dyslexia), difficulties with coordination, and attention deficit." -Primitive Reflex Activity in Relation to Motor Skills in Healthy Preschool Children

Great read for understanding how retained primitive reflexes can effect childern. Remember ADULTS can have retained or returned primitive reflexes too!

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