April 10, 2023

Primitive & Postural Reflexes

Primitive & Postural Reflexes

Primitive reflexes and postural reflexes appear and "disappear" at different stages of development. By assessing when and if these reflexes are present or not we can tell if or if not the central nervous system developing like it should. In kids it gives us information that lets us know if their CNS is developing appropriately (especially the brainstem - which regulates most autonomic functions). In adults it tells if their CNS is fully developed or if there is injury.

"The presence or absence of primitive and postural reflexes at key stages in development provides “windows” into the functioning of the CNS, enabling the trained professional to identify signs of neurological dysfunction or immaturity." Attention Balance and Coordination.

While in kids it may show a lack of maturity in the brain, in adults we often see them return (primitive) or disappear (postural) along with cognitive decline like in Parkinson and Dementia.

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