April 10, 2023

Movement Is Life

Movement Is Life

The goal of daily movement is brain activation. You have 78% of your brain called the cerebellum that is devoted to movement. The cerebellum is a huge reason we exist as humans. The brain is like a sponge and movement is water. Every time you move, your brain lights up a little. Throughout your day, hopefully you have moved enough to saturate your cerebellum with blood flow and life. 

I regularly ask people what they did as movement or exercise. I’m referencing their brain, I’m asking specifically “Did you turn on your brain today?” If they say yes, I ask “What did you do?” If they tell me they chased the children, walked around the office, walked the dog, and did their job, I immediately think they activated less than ¼ of their brain’s potential. This directly correlates to 90% of the problems that people pay me to figure out for them. You read correctly, if you move it will diminish most your bodily ailments. No matter the problem you will diminish the problem by changing your heart rate, respiration rate, sweating! If you tell me you have an injury, I will tell you to find something that doesn’t hurt that injury. If you have a health ailment, you need to move more than anyone else.

Find something that changes your physiology, gets your blood moving, and activates your brain. With enough time you will function better. I guarantee that with consistent effort on your part to move regularly with intensity your body will demand that you eat cleaner and put less junk in it. Your thinking will be clearer, you’ll have more energy, and best yet have a better quality of life. You will like yourself more if you activate your brain daily. You will deal with stress of all kinds more efficiently. I think you get the point of what I’m telling you—MOVE with intensity. Get moving towards health.

I could easily tell you what I do, but this will not work for you. My way to being the healthiest I’ve ever been and will continue to be is built on the 5 Foundations of Health. Over the past 10 years, I have slowly built my health to run long distance races, have consistent great energy, have almost perfect blood work, the list goes on, but it started with building off these Foundations of Health. I consistently bounce back to these foundations with my decisions to be the healthiest I can be. The reason I stated my plan for health wouldn’t work for you isn’t because I have something special, it’s because I built my life around what made me happy and what worked for me at that time in my life.

My health is built off of the 5 Foundations, my specifics of these foundations are the specifics that work for me. Learn the 5 Foundations and begin from there, it is the template to your health. You need to build what works best for you. It needs to be specific to you. So now I’m done with the motivational talk. Movement is why we exist. Movement cannot happen without a plan, problem-solving, fuel for the brain/body, and repetition. If you are in bad shape and unhealthy, you can still be helped. If you want faster results, hire a coach. If you want health, begin now and do not stop. Will it be hard? Yes. Will you repeatedly fail? Most likely—you just have to get back up. You have the choice to be healthy, act now take action, and get your life moving. Just remember you’ll get better with time. It doesn’t happen fast. You will get better each day you continue to try. There’s also no perfect road to health. ALL people have to put in the same effort to have health which is primarily based on consistency and the willingness to learn.

Be Well,
Dr. John

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