April 10, 2023

Migraines Suck

Migraines Suck

Migraines are almost a lifetime sentence of medication which is a horrible prison like reality to be trapped. Migraines can be biomechanical, metabolic, or a combination of the two. Usually when a individual has one sided migraines the problem has a heavy biomechanics dysfunction. When the migraine pattern is on both sides, switches sides, or randomly moves around the head dictates a higher metabolic dysfunction. “Metabolic” means a problem within the organ systems of the body. More often than not both of the problems exist in conjunction with each other. At Archetype We solve the biomechanical problems with chiropractic care, muscle therapy and other therapies. We synergistically attack the metabolic migraine pattern with blood work, blood analysis, and nutritional protocols. Either way we address migraines Naturally and without medication or surgery. Migraines ruin peoples lives as it steals time and quality of life from their years. At Archetype we can help, we’ve been doing this for 11 years and have helped thousands of people get better from migraines naturally and effectively.

Dr John Palmer

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