April 10, 2023

Know Thy Supplements

Know Thy Supplements

Vitamin D helps regulate the reproduction, growth, and death of cells. It also helps with starting and stopping DNA and protein synthesis. In long run will help with ability to recognize when to stop reproduction of cancer cells.* (*learn more from our Vitamin D blog post)

Argenine helps kidneys remove waste and helps with hormone function, immune health, dilates/relaxes arteries.  It supports blood circulation and profusion.

B-12 drops helps with DNA synthesis, RBC formation, and normalizes nervous system. This supplement is most helpful to vegetarians and vegans because they may have more trouble finding B12 in their diets than those that eat meat and animal products.

GreensFirst supports immune health, has cognitive/mental health benefits, helps our bodies detox, provides daily servings of fruits/veggies, balances pH levels and balances blood sugar levels. It also helps those who experience digestion issues.

Folic Acid & Folate helps the body make healthy cells, and creates more blood. Vitamin B9 is essential for human growth and development, for encouraging normal nerve and brain functioning. HIGHLY recommend if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant!

HomocysteX Plus supports homo-cysteine metabolism, cellular reparation, normal sleep cycles, detoxing, and healthy energy output. Great for liver function and poor digestion.

Magnesium Glycinate provides joint pain relief, strengthens muscle tissue, increases brain health (metabolizes B6 which breaks down amino acids for brain function), and works with calcium to strengthen bones/teeth. Also, good for muscle cramps and menstrual cramps because it relaxes smooth muscle tissues.

EnzymixPro contains a mixture of enzymes that support and breakdown sugar, starch, protein, fats! Helps with poor digestion.

Turmeric is arguably most powerful herb in world! Supplement, powder or root form. It's also a great natural anti-inflammatory. There's a lot of research that supports turmeric's role in cancer treatment, controlling diabetes, arthritis pain, and cholesterol levels*. Another HIGHLY recommended supplement for prevention of diseases. *We are not saying that turmeric will cure any of these things*

HemeVite is intended to support hemoglobin synthesis by providing ferrous fumarate and is a good source of iron. Anemia is common especially in teenage girls, the elderly, pregnant women, and menstruating women. This is a great supplement for supporting those who are iron deficient.

Gastro-ULC is a supplement that supports the gastric mucosal lining and the intestinal barrier.

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic good to use during a cold or to support the immune system.

Electrolytes/trace minerals are used to hydrate the body. Replenishes the body after exercise, sickness, and dehydration.

-Dr. John Palmer 

Your Birmingham Chiropractor

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