April 10, 2023

Vaccinated or Not……How To Boost Your Immune System.

Vaccinated or Not……How To Boost Your Immune System.

Vaccinated or Not……How To Boost Your Immune System. 


Your immune system is the reason why you repair after a workout, the reason you heal after an infection, and the reason your body performs daily physiological tasks to run your body. It is also one part of many organ systems that run your body. Each organ system in your body works in symphony to optimally perform in conjunction with other systems to get you through your day. It fulfills all your needs in real time. Every moment that your organs perform optimally you are given an opportunity to be elective what you demand of it (recovery, exercise, pushing through a long day etc). Oppositely if you fail to give adequate attention to the body/health it works subnormally and you will be increasingly susceptible to dysfunction and diseases of of all kinds. Typically, diseases take decades to bankrupt your health. Health doesn’t happen overnight either, it takes consistent effort. Health is about maximizing your quality of life instead of minimally living a life without symptoms. 

With that being said, the elephant right now is vaccine status. No matter if you’re vaccinated or not, not a single government health agency, leading body of authority, etc has spoke on what you need to do to be healthy during this pandemic. They had/have the attention of the public since day one and they have absolutely blew it. There are many basic things they could have educated you on but they didn’t.  This absolutely shows a bias towards artificial health and shows a pademic of the lack of knowledge of "how to be healthy". Health is different for everyone because of many reasons, one foundation is everyone is human. The human needs basic needs for health to exist. No matter your health care decision (Vax/Non-vax) you have to do a few basic things to be “healthy”. The human body’s basic physiological needs are  supported through diet, supplementation, movement, and removing as many toxins from your life as possible. Below are the top 15 items I personally do and also educate tell my patients to start or continue to improve their journey to a healthier life. 


  1. Vitamin D - Everyone needs it, literally for the rest of your life. No questions asked. Adults take 5000iu per day minimum. Kids vary depending on age. Vitamin-D is the reason why our cells replicate. If you have enough (80-110mcg) your cells divide as they are suppose to and if you don’t have it they don’t (<50mcg)  (Do not buy vitamin-d from a big box store or any other supplements for that matter).
  2. Remove added sugars from your diet. We in modern culture are killing ourselves because we consume too much “energy/sugar” and then we do not move enough to use that energy. That extra/unused energy turns into little Tasmanian devils inside your body leading to disease. 
  3. Sleep - you recover in your sleep. There are so many factors here, minimally you need 7-8 hours of sleep per night. 
  4. Remove artificial sweeteners (natural and unnatural). All artificial sweeteners spike insulin levels and cause inflammation, unnatural artificial sweeteners(Splenda, saccharin, etc) are trash and have repeatedly been shown to cause weight gain and wreak havoc on your body. Natural artificial sweeteners are better than the unnatural but they still spike insulin which also turns into a tasmanian devil when not used up by the body. 
  5. Move every day, our ancestors moved 18k steps per day, we need to accomplish this or strive for it, your brain is dependent on it. 
  6. Intermittent Fasting - this is not only very natural to our body it also has a massive healthcare impact on your organ health, decreasing inflammation in the body, and helping to stabilize your glucose. Do not fast every day or as a fad diet, your body wasn’t every meant to do this. fasting is a mimicking of your ancestral archetype looking for food. This lowers insulin massively too which is excellent for your health. A amazing app for this is the zero app @zero
  7. Biannual Clean Eating: 2 x year, no gluten, dairy, processed foods, coffee, or added sugar for 45 days. During this time period it gives your body a time away from modern culture irritants to the body.  We offer these programs at archetype health, call the front desk and book a nutritional consultation. 
  8. Drink Quality Water - Not from the faucet! Tap water has countless metabolites of medications in it, petroleum, etc the list goes on. Find a quality water source. If you’re in Birmingham we/I/my-family use “blue spring” 5 gallon jugs. We have it delivered by a company called waterway @bluespring @waterway
  9. Buy Supplements From a Quality Source. Whatever supplements you take get them from a quality source. ALL big box store supplements are trash. Consumer reports has investigated all of the major outlets like CVS, Target, Grocery Stores, GNC, Amazon, etc on a regular basis and the supplements they carry never have in them what they say the do. Buy from a compounding pharmacy, doctors office, local health food store.
  10. Get your blood work drawn once a year and have a functional nutrition doctor interpret it for you. I promise by doing this yearly after 25yo you will save money in the future by preemptively fixing minor problems so they never turn into major health issues. Bad part its not covered by your insurance. 
  11. Lift Heavy Things, You were meant to do this on a semi regular basis, its so important for your spine, brain, and bone density. Archetype has classes that teach you this in a safe environment. 
  12. Get adjusted on a regular basis, It helps increase your movement in your body which is great for your brain and overall health. There are so many health benefits if you find the correct chiropractor
  13. Set Goals - you will be more likely to succeed in your health and life if you have taken quality time to write goals of what you want out of your life.
  14. Honor Your Relationships in your life
  15. Get off social media. It’s a fake reality and is not sustainable to your important relationships in your life.


If you’re in Birmingham, we educate and teach on all of these suggestions above at Archetype, all you have to do is book a new patient appointment and we will begin your health assessment.  We then build you a path “care plan” to normal life. After we get you back to a “normal” state we evaluate you again then determine how and what we need to do to make you stronger and more resilient to the stressors of life. This is exactly why built our physical training programs. Our movement team teaches you how to be strong and how to maximize your energy systems. There are many studies that show if you have toned functional muscle and you increase your heart rate consistently you are more resilient to disease.  The goal is functionality through your whole life.  Being healthy is an educational process and guidance helps the fluidity of this process. 


This is why We built Archetype. 


We have built an amazing system that encompasses all aspects of your health and have streamlined everything. All you have to do is show up. 


I hope this content helps wether you are in Birmingham or somewhere else in the world. 


-Dr. John Palmer 

Your Birmingham Chiropractor



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