April 10, 2023

Coffee Talk; Good or Bad?

Coffee Talk; Good or Bad?

So what do you think?

Good or Bad?

Coffee is deemed mostly harmless via people's words and emotions about drinking it first thing in the morning. I love my coffee, especially in the morning, but coffee does contain molds in most brands as coffee roasters don’t test for it. So if you’re sick, fighting something, or have an autoimmune disease, coffee should be avoided unless you’re drinking coffee from a roaster that tests for mold.

Anything that goes in your body you need to know what is in it before consuming it, your organs must stay as clean as possible. There are so many chemicals in our environment today that we need to watch out for, closer than ever before. It’s inevitable in modern day to not get any toxins in your body but the less of them you get in your body the better.

FYI : coffee you drink from stores, gas stations, most coffee shops are filled full of toxins, pesticides, herbicides etc. not to mention the styrofoam cups and plastic lids people drink from.

Drink UP! But know what you’re drinking every morning.

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