April 10, 2023

Clear Pee is NOT Good and Why It Matters

Clear Pee is NOT Good and Why It Matters


Hydration is crucial for optimal body function, movement, and brain activity. Dr. J emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated, noting that 78% of your brain monitors your movement, which heavily depends on proper hydration. With research indicating over 70% of people are chronically dehydrated, it's essential to understand the impact of dehydration on blood flow, tissue health, and overall well-being. Symptoms like cold hands and feet aren't just uncomfortable—they signal inadequate blood delivery due to low hydration levels.

Monitoring hydration is simpler than you might think: pay attention to your urine color. Contrary to popular belief, clear urine can indicate overhydration and a lack of essential electrolytes. Dark urine, however, suggests dehydration, possible infection, inflammation, or tissue breakdown, signaling the need for a professional check-up.

Correcting hydration involves more than just drinking water; it requires a balance of electrolytes and minerals. Dr. J recommends Celtic Salt or Redmond's Real Salt for electrolyte supplementation, alongside a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. He advises adjusting water intake based on activity levels and utilizing salts to support hydration when urine is dark.

Diet plays a pivotal role in hydration, surpassing the benefits of supplementation. Consistent hydration, coupled with a nutritious diet and quality water intake, can significantly improve health and prevent common issues like acute neck or back pain, often linked to dehydration.

Dr. J's approach underscores the importance of a holistic lifestyle for maintaining health and preventing injury. By understanding and monitoring your hydration through simple observations like urine color and adopting a balanced diet, you can support your body's needs and enhance your overall health.

For those seeking to improve their health through natural means, Dr. J offers comprehensive care, including chiropractic services, nutritional consultation, and muscle manipulation, aimed at addressing the root causes of discomfort and promoting long-term wellness.

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