April 10, 2023

"Be Healthy" 60-Day Challenge

Why Archetype?

I built Archetype to be a place where people come to be healthy, gain health, and learn how their body works. Our team wants to see you thrive. Fourteen years ago, I would sit and dream of helping people. Just over three years ago, Archetype was only a plan on paper. Today, it is a very solid reality. My dream has come true and the miracles that I dreamed of are now a daily occurrence.

Over the past two years, we have implemented over 10 new services that are helping people live longer, healthier lives. All populations of people from infant to elderly are being brought through our system of functional healthcare. We determine where each patient is and determine their goals. We work hand-in-hand with individuals to identify their goals, make a plan, and help them to make progress towards those goals. We get people well and are here to help you get well.

What is the Be Healthy Challenge?

One of my favorite services that we have built and implemented is the Be Healthy 60-day challenge. We take a small group of patients dedicated to achieving their health goals and pour all of our resources into helping them see leaps and bounds in their progress. The intensives begin with a movement evaluation, nutritional assessment, and blood nutrient analytics. After the evaluation, we build you a plan that is individualized to your healthcare needs and includes muscle therapy, 1-on-1 movement training, nutritional education, health coaching, and 24/7 access to our doctors.

We have recently implemented a new method of coaching: virtual consultations. We hope that including both individual and group virtual health coaching will allow for easier access and more impactful accountability measures.

Why should I do it?

The Archetype Health intensives are designed for people looking for a massive change in their health and well-being. You will have to commit and work hard, but we can guarantee that the program works. We have our hearts full from all of the stories of how this program has changed people's lives with some examples being:

  • Regulation of hormones and menstrual cycles
  • 34 pounds lost in 60 days
  • Off four medications
  • 10 unassisted pull ups
  • No more hot flashes
  • Infertility client able to conceive
  • Lost fat, gained lean muscle

The list goes on and on. This program is built for the individual that wants change and results. It is not a fad diet, it is not a gym program, we are creating long-term, healthy habits that will continue on long past 60 days.

Let us help you become one of those success stories. Sign ups will be opening soon for our next session so be sure to follow our social media pages to get updates. I hope to see you at the challenge early 2023.

- Dr. J

Your Birmingham Alabama Health Coach

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