April 10, 2023

Archetype Can Fix Your Broken Movement Patterns

Archetype Can Fix Your Broken Movement Patterns

Over 14 years of taking care of gym related injuries Dr John designed a series of strength, altitude (HIIT), and mobility classes that prepare you to perform in your life, go for a trail run, or play with your little ones and ultimately prevent injury.

We very often are asked “are you a gym," not at all. We are an educational facility centered around teaching how the body can perform optimally. If you have injury(s) we fix that problem first. Then we design you a movement program to make you more resilient to injury / life stressors. Our programming usually last 4-6 months, then you are able to go choose a gym of your choice, workout on your own, or just have energy at the end of a full day.

This is why Archetype was built, we want to support you moving every single day.

You were meant to move every single day of your life for your lifetime, not just in a “workout class”.

We want you to be well. Lifetime health begins with learning foundations of fitness. We would love to teach you the Archetype way.


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