April 10, 2023

Basic before Advanced movement

Basic before Advanced movement

We are a natural healthcare facility that is solely focused on getting you in the best health of your life. We utilize all natural methods to get you well. One of the most powerful healing methods is movement. Health begins at pelvic floor and core stabilization. Moving to advanced movements, lifting heavy weight or pushing your endurance to quickly can lead to a lifetime of injury and dysfunction and ultimately compromised quality of health. At Archetype we teach the “rule of the basics” we want you to learn the basics so you know when you’re ready to break the rule to level up to perform advanced movements. Learning your limits and boundaries lead to live a fruitful, energetic, high quality of life, we educate strength, endurance, and energy systems. We want you to be resilient.

This journey starts with the basics and to advance you must test to move forward. We want to guarantee when you graduate out of Archetype you are ready for any gym, any fitness class, any outdoor trail, or life in general.

No matter your state of health we can help you gain health you never could imagine. On a regular basis we help the very sick get well. We help the professional athlete tweak their performance, we help the mom regain pelvic floor strength after baby, the dad stay healthy for the grandkids. The human is finite.

We can help you, no matter your level of #health.

In Health,

Dr John Palmer

Your Birmingham Coach

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