April 10, 2023

7 Tips For Setting Goals in 2022

7 Tips For Setting Goals in 2022

Over the past 15 years Ive had the opportunity to consult individuals in many different avenues of health. Goal setting is naturally part of progression of anything you want in your life. Ive noticed there’s one aspect of why people fail or make very slow progress in obtaining their goals. That is that they never start. Here are 7 processes I use to help me. 


1. Write anything that comes out of your head. then refine it. 


2. Do not expect this process to be perfect. You took time to learn to ride a bicycle right ? 


3. Speed Read your goals: Review your goals in the mornings don’t let it take over 10 mins. 


4. Edit your goals when you feel its needed.


5. Schedule time to extensively review your goals for the year. Every 6 months spend an extended period of time to read through and amend all your goals. 


6. The more times you review your goals the more likely you will be to accomplish them. The more you review your goals the faster you will accomplish them. 


7. If you do these things above you will be the 1%. Write what you want. Do it now. Get excited about it!!! You are literally writing the template for your life. 

With anything in life that's worth the fight and struggle know that this process is extremely convoluted. Progression seems minimal. Small progress over a long period of time equals a massive success. 


Dr John Palmer -

Your Birmingham coach


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