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My Story of Healing

When a mother starts having contractions 3 months early, it is natural for her to face the heartbreaking reality that her baby will not live. It would be pretty easy for her to lose all hope.This is what my mother faced the year I was born, in 1981. Born three months early, my heart stopped twice, I had extreme jaundice, and I lost 1.5 pounds making me a total of 2.6 pounds. Before the mid-80's, babies three months premature were not expected to live. Through the incubator my mother was by my side for 72 days rubbing my spine, never losing hope. She wanted to make sure my heart continued to beat.Because of this, I survived.I had thought that I was meant to be a healer when I fell in love with the structure and function of the human body after taking an anatomy class and learning about the body and brain. Instead I think it happened over the days my mother rubbed my spine What she didn’t know was that she was giving me life with every stroke of my spine through stimulating an area of my brain called the cerebellum.Most people understand that the brain controls the body, but few understand how the transmission happens to regulate the health of every cell in the human body. A healthy brain is where life begins, and this is exactly why it is the first of the five foundations of health that we teach to all of the patients at our clinic. This is why I am still here today. 35 years ago, my mother had the innate understanding that physical touch was what I needed to live.The affirmation of her words “you were meant to be here,” was always a question in my mind, but as I continue to learn, teach, and lead as an example of health it becomes more and more evident. Her repeated words of love turned me to helping others through my clinic, mission trips and teaching. My life purpose is to help as many people as I can to live the best life possible. For me that starts with natural health.As someone who almost didn’t live, I want to devote my life to improving everyone else’s.


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