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Foundation #5: Minimizing Toxins


My name is Dr. John Palmer with Friends & Family Health Centers in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm one of the co-founders. Today I'm going to be talking about the fifth foundation of our 5 Foundations of Health, that we teach all of our patients and now we're getting to teach you guys.

So, the fifth foundation is a new aspect of health that wehaven't necessarily paid attention to in the past 100, 150 years. So, it'stoxins, it's the elimination of them, it's just the exposure to them, it's theawareness that they exist. So, it's moreso information, it's informative tostay within a certain guideline to actually have rules around what you put inyour body. When you have something put in your body, you wanna make sure thatit truly honors everything that you're trying to accomplish, in diet, andenergy, and brain health, and longevity of where you're trying to go in yourlife.

The food colorings, hydrogenated oils, if you're eatingthings past a certain number of ingredients. If you have 150 or 100 or 25 ingredientsin something, most likely there're some things you shouldn't be eating inthere. Those are most likely toxins. Medicines, food colorings, I'm not tellingyou not to take medicine, it's moreso the source of that it is not natural toyour body, and your body having to filter it out, there are repercussions tothat. So, you have to be aware of that, you can ask your doctor about that.

So, what's on every table in every restaurant that you gointo? I can't say the names but there's three, usually, artificial sweetenersthat are neurotoxins. So, they're going to affect the neurons, they'reliterally going to dumb down your brain. They don't allow you to lose weight,they actually allow you to gain weight, cause they're stored in fat. So, peoplehave been misinformed with toxins, really in general. How many behavioralissues come at the expense of the man-made crap that we put into our body andinto our kids bodies?

One thing that I've learned from this, is, through my ownexperience with my children, is that when they go to, for instance, a birthdayparty where I want them to be able to have that social event. It may come atthe cost of them being exposed to certain things, like artificial candies,flavorings, cakes, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup. I'm not tryingto shelter them and make them crazy, in the sense of warding them off. I wantthem to know that they can eat those things, there are just repercussions tothem. So, same thing for you guys, you have to make your own decision. So, I cansee a behavioral change. I can see a behavioral change and think about this,think about the mom that is actually not pregnant, she gets pregnant, she'seaten those toxins, she's eaten them probably her whole life and then shebuilds a baby full of toxins, a body that is full of toxins. So, do you thinkthat baby is gonna have a more optimal environment to build and exist or yougonna have a lesser ability for that to build and exist and have a healthybaby?

Since 1945, how many new chemicals do you think we have inour environment? 80,000. So, 80,000 new chemicals in our environment. Thatdidn't take into effect all the other chemicals we already had in ourenvironment. The other new thing that you have to really pay attention to isEMF waves. Like, I have it on my body, so I'm not saying don't do it, I'm justsaying, be aware of how much you're exposed to it.

So, EMF, this actually reduces your blood vessels' abilityto actually constrict and dilate. When you have something that is affectingthat, it does negatively affect you. You have cell phones, you have WiFi, allof those things matter. I'm not saying be paranoid about everything that youhave in your environment, but all that I'm saying is, be aware. Limit it asmuch as possible. Eat organic, when you can. Make sure that you don't eat intothose artificial things that we have available to us, that can sit on shelvesfor two to three years. We wanna make sure that you live as pure as possible inour significantly unnatural environment that we live in, in our world. I'm notsaying don't go live in that environment, I'm just saying, be aware. Beconscious of what goes in your body on a regular basis.

Another big one is plastics. I could talk a whole talkjust on plastics. Get rid of your plastic ware. Get glassware to put your foodin, when you have leftovers or something like that. So don't use plastics. Wehave a lot of... everything's made out of plastic. So the last thing that youneed to do is put something hot in a plastic bowl and eat it. What do you thinkthat's doing to your body? What do you think it's doing to your brain? What doyou think it's doing to your liver? What do you think it's doing to yourneurons? Do you think you're gonna be higher and more exposed and more inept tohave cancer or not? So, you most likely, if you take in plastics on a highrate, you're going to get cancer. There's a whole lot of other health issuesthat you can actually avoid if you just avoid unnatural things.

So, all that I'm saying, pay attention to what goes in yourbody. You don't have to be paranoid about it, you don't have to be crazy aboutit, but you do have to have a certain standard of what you're willing to settlefor and what you're not.

So, thank you so much. Hopefully you learned one thing from this and I look forward to helping in future videos. So, this completes our 5 Foundations of Health. If you're seeing this for the first time, make sure you check out the previous four. They all go together. The 5 Foundations have to be used as a whole. They're not a perfect system but they're a really good system to help people get well, help people work at an optimal level of health.



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