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Essential Oils

“The use of plants has been linked to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of humans since the beginning of time, and while essential oils are incredibly fragrant, they also have both medicinal and therapeutic benefits.”   –Carney Chiropractic CenterEssential oils can be great to use as a natural, drug-less therapy. Depending on what you are suffering from, essential oils can help support your body’s natural healing process. Different oils support different things ranging from bodily pain, digestion, stress, headaches or the immune system to name a few.Lately, essential oils have become somewhat of a trend in many households, and some people depend on essential oils as if they can cure all illnesses and are the perfect remedy for anything. It’s important to realize that essential oils are not magic. They don’t work for everything, but they can help aid in natural healing and improve your mood and overall well-being. It’s better to think of essential oils as concentrated, powerful foods. Foods don’t magically cure illnesses, but different foods can provide support to what your body is already doing. For example, citrus fruits help support the immune system and keep you well. Just like foods, each essential oil supports a different problem. Also like foods, some essential oils can be therapeutic by ingesting them or by applying them topically. You can also diffuse essential oils in the air.Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, pure essential oils don’t contain harmful fillers and have minimal to no side effects* if used properly. Essential oils, however, don’t work as instantly or as powerfully as these pharmaceutical drugs can. This is because they help the body heal naturally and don’t cover up symptoms or take the place of the body’s natural functions or behaviors. We are not trying to say by any means that pharmaceutical drugs are never necessary. Sometimes they are the only solution. We only want to encourage you to start by trying more natural ways of healing on a reasonable level.  There are so many risks and side effects that can come with pharmaceuticals, and so many people get addicted to pain killers and other drugs. We want to see more people moving towards using healthy foods, supplements, oils and other natural methods of therapy. That being said, always make sure you are using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.*You may experience sensitivities if you don't dilute certain oils, or you may have allergies to certain oils.


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