April 10, 2023

Why I Get Adjusted

Why I Get Adjusted

As a chiropractor, I spend my days explaining to my patients the importance of them being adjusted. Here is why I PERSONALLY get adjusted at least weekly.


I spend much of my day looking down, either hovering over my patients or analyzing X-rays. This places my body in a non-ideal posture, leading to an unhealthy forward head position and slumped shoulders. Getting an adjustment and muscle therapy both reminds my brain where my head and shoulders SHOULD be and prevents shortening of the muscles in the front of my neck and chest so I can more easily hold my body in a proper posture.


My job is physically demanding. I also enjoy pushing my body to its limits when exercising. Whether or not I have pain, I will always have segments of my spine or extremities that lose mobility due to micro injuries or fixations. Loss of mobility is a recipe for degeneration and more serious injury because the vertebral discs and joints require movement to hydrate. I get adjusted to ensure that all of my body stays healthy and functional for as long as possible.

Autonomic Balance

Your nervous system has 2 “auto-pilot” modes (sympathetic and parasympathetic) that make up what is called the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system (or “fight or flight” system) is active when there is an emergency or you feel stress—or ancestrally speaking, when a tiger is chasing you. It activates the production of stress compounds such as cortisol and adrenaline to help you get out of danger. The parasympathetic nervous system is active at rest and encourages digestion, sleep, and repair. Fixations and misalignments in the body cause a distress signal to be sent to your nervous system and activate the sympathetic side of the autonomic system. A recent study found that a lack of proper curvature in the neck increased the activity of the sympathetic nervous system—the “fight or flight” side of your nervous system and decreased the activity of the parasympathetic side. The sympathetic side should only be active for very short periods. But with stress, fixation, body misalignment, and poor posture it stays on chronically in many individuals. When I am regularly adjusted and cleared of those things, I sleep better, get sick less often, digest my food better, and my blood pressure is about 10% lower.

My Family

I have two beautiful young children and an incredible wife and our lady Chiropractor. My health and activity level is critical to my ability to be there for them—to play with my children, to get out and do fun things with my wife. Getting adjusted regularly, along with all the other things I do for my health including sleep, diet, and exercise, helps me to be a better dad and a better husband not just now but hopefully for many years to come.


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