April 10, 2023

Why Do Chiropractic Adjustment Work?

Why Do Chiropractic Adjustment Work?

First off we were meant to move, our ancestors walked on average of 19,000 steps per day. Our brain is dependent on the reception of 19,000 steps per day. On average the modern human gets 8,000 maybe 10,000 if they are “active”. With this being said the modern human “you & me” are moving significantly less than what our “template of life aka DNA” says we need to each day. Since we move less the joints of the body become stuck”, fixated, flexed forward, or just move way less than optimal, this causes various symptoms of the body. This is usually where we will see patients in our clinic because these symptoms alter the ability for minimal quality of life. The symptoms can show up in a elbow, head, low back, bones of the feet, spine, or any joint in the human body. The joints or tissue has to “MOVE” again. This is best initiated by the chiropractic adjustment, muscle therapy, or other therapies that encourage movement of the body and decrease inflammation.

What most people don’t understand though is you must move regularly, you must get out of breath, you have to sweat 💦, you have to increase your heart rate, and you have to deliver oxygen, glucose, and nutrients to all cells of the human body. By moving regularly this decreases almost every negative of the human body.

If you have pain you have to get your body to move again.

If you have migraines you have to get your body to move again.

If you have weight gain you have to get your body to move again.

If you have knee pain you have to get your body to move again.

How do you move again?

At first, chiropractic adjustment, and muscle therapy, get you through the acute/critical phase of the initial movement. Slowly you begin to move better, efficiently, and effectively. This decreases the “alarm” that the body is faulty and failing. When a problem has been brewing for years or months it will not go away with one adjustment or one “anything”. Just as the problem evolves it has to devolve. It takes time. 

The frequency of adjustments needed to resolve a problem are initially higher but will significantly decrease when the body is primed to move again. The adjustment is temporary effectiveness.

 The reason we built the movement spaces at Archetype is to create a complete natural health system that will continuously honor movement in the human body. The chiropractic adjustment and muscle therapy addresses specific movement dysfunctions “symptoms” and the movement portion of Archetype addresses the “global” movement needs of the human body. it helps you achieve the “ancestral 19,000 steps”. Specific and global movement are 100% needed for a healthy brain and body. 

We are meant to move. Before primal man had hunting tools we would literally run our prey to exhaustion! We were meant to move!!!! A lot!! 

So, no matter your problem we can help. If you have a reason why your not moving we can solve it. If you want to perform better we can help, if you want to live in a healthy body till your last days we can help. We are here to educate and give our knowledge.


Dr J

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