April 10, 2023

The Blueprint to Health

The Blueprint to Health

Today is the start of 45 days of strict eating. 

Today is the beginning of your health and getting exactly what you want in your life. 

I’m going to be honest, No Gluten, Dairy, Processed Foods, Sugar, or Coffee is not my idea of a good time. 45 days is a long time to restrict anything much less all of the delicious and amazing things we get to have on a regular basis. It’s that regularity and availability of consuming those things which is exactly why we should take a break from it and let our bodies reset. This break allows reduction of inflammation, reduces stress on the digestive system, allows your liver to process a decreased toxic load, and honestly gives all of your organs a flashback to the blueprint it used for tens of thousands of years to function normally.

The environment we live in is absolutely abnormal and foreign. Our body struggles to keep up, our daily abuse to our body is the reason we have so many sick and dying people all around us. Sick, dysfunctional and dying has become the new normal. We literally work our bodies to death and wonder why or how we got like that. Right now you have a choice to make, do you want to end up a statistic or be different? Your health is the only thing that will set you apart from everyone else. Give yourself a chance to reboot and repair. It will only work if you stick to it and not allow yourself any cheats. When you make an exception, you will slide right back to how you were before. A failsafe way to succeed is to plan the next 45 days, write out exactly what you want and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be my way; I know my way works but YOU are the only one that will know if you stuck to the program or not. So build something difficult and stick to it. But whatever you decide on, stick to it for 45 days. If you cheat or quit you live with that choice. You will live with the consequences as you age—no one else will, just you. Your integrity is at stake. Your integrity is challenged for 45 days, your willpower is strengthened or broken down through this challenge. This challenge will also put under a microscope of how much willpower you have to accomplish a task and also a very good indication or how you do everything else in your life. If you're going to start, remember this: it's not about the weight you will lose, the clothes you’ll be able to fit in, the faster you will repair after workouts, or the more soundly you will sleep. It’s about the integrity you have for yourself and you will begin to build your health from that baseline of integrity for your health. It’s the only reason you will have an exceptional life. You and only you have the ability to build the life of your dreams. 

It starts with this day, make a choice, do it or not. I can guarantee if you’re ready to commit and follow through you will feel the best you’ve ever felt in your life. Will it be amazing when you're done and drink that first delicious amazing cup of coffee? Absolutely. Will you have the momentum of your health on your side? Absolutely.

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