April 10, 2023

Stop Taking Vitamin D

Stop Taking Vitamin D

We live in a world of massive amounts of information and it’s so incredibly confusing. At Archetype Health we are always staying up to date on all concepts, research, and best practices of natural healthcare. This is critical for the health of our patients, our city, our state, and our world. Almost no where in my research are there practitioners looking out for your OPTIMAL health. You have massive representation of critical/emergency care by the medical profession. Understand this, medical care is exactly what it says that it is, symptom management. Symptom management is not the same as natural/optimal healthcare. Our Archetype Healthcare team specializes in optimal health of the human of all ages. From injury to performance, we meet the patient where they are currently at, then build a path to the level of health they desire.

To answer the “why” to stop taking synthetic vitamin d (99% is synthetic), the reason is that lab made/synthetically made vitamin d doesn’t convert to active use without vitamin A. When you get to high of a level of vitamin d that’s not converting it depletes your potential use of the electrolyte potassium. The misuse of potassium is deadly. Testing is critical when your trying to maximize your health. Archetype’s nutritional mentorship helps you avoid misinformation and helps you reach your goals more efficiently. This is what we specialize in, getting people well. Getting peoples lives back.

For the love of people living their best life,

Dr John Palmer

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