April 10, 2023

EXPOSURE and INFLUENCE to getting what you want in 2020

EXPOSURE and INFLUENCE to getting what you want in 2020

85% of people will THINK about what they want and dream about it.

14% of people WRITE what they want in their life.

1% of people WRITE what they want and REVIEW it daily.

Guess who gets exactly what they want in their life? You guessed right. The individual that consistently reviews what they want in their life. The more you review, the quicker your odds are increased, and success is inevitable.

The next most impactful influence of why an individual is successful or not is exposure and influence to all forms of information. Influence is what a person is exposed to on a regular basis. This is not just negative influences, the same goes towards positive influences. The amount either way dictates the affect in your life. Think about how impactful friends, TV, books, co-workers, family, radio, podcasts, social media, etc. is in your life and how big of an impact it makes in getting what you want or do not want in your life. You get the point. Whatever you expose yourself to you become.

I am extremely selective of everything that I see, people I take advice from, books I read, and things I hear. Whatever you are exposed to affects you. We live in a culture of massive exposure to many forms of information and it can paralyze you or propel you forward. Take control of what you expose yourself to, it will be the difference between your success or failure. Selectively and intentionally create habits and goals built around a thought-out process of what you let into your life.

In the words of motivational speaker Jim Rohn, coach to Tony Robbins, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

This quote is spot on and extremely relevant as we have so many avenues of exposure to influence us. 

You have the power to allow or block all influence in your life. These additions or removals will be difficult and will take consistency. The reward for your diligence will be priceless as it will create momentum and clarity to achieve more of what you want in your life.

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