April 10, 2023

Create Your Great

Create Your Great

Let's start with a simple fact:

Whether it's a jog in the morning, or an extra soda sneaked from the drinks dispenser at lunchtime, the choices we make every minute of every day effect our well-being in profound ways.

They either bring you a step closer to health. Or take you a step further away.

It's a binary choice.

I find this incredibly empowering.

To me, it speaks to the central importance of health to everything we do, and its impact on our ability to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

We all have unlimited potential for greatness, and that greatness is founded on a repeated cycle of making more right decisions than wrong ones.

Without our health, our potential for greatness is lost.

To start making more right decisions than wrong ones, we must first rid ourselves of a few popular misconceptions.

The first is the idea that aging is a slow and inevitable decline, a pre-determined loss of vitality and vigor.

Not so.

There is nothing inevitable about aging.

We must simply learn how to use our body better and recalibrate our human GPS. It's not about succumbing to fate - it's about taking the right steps to improving our health.

Then there’s the misnomer that we live in the healthiest, smartest, most advanced country in the world.

We don't.

America has the highest disease rates and lowest life expectancy among all developed nations in the world.

We are overweight, over-stressed, and over-medicated.

I want to change all that.

I want every American to know that greatness is about making the right health choices.

As a health enthusiast, doctor, athlete, triathlete, father, educator, and as a human that loves the potential innate in every human, I want to place my knowledge, expertise, and insight in the service of others.

This desire to be a catalyst for change has lead to the creation of The Human Mechanic, an 8-week group course (or 1-on-1 Coaching option) designed to help you find a new sense of balance and direction.

I only have two rules for those who are interested.

1: You have to be willing to be coached and be okay with change.
2: You have to understand this path is not a quick fix to any problem you have, and it will be difficult.

You will want to quit and quit, you will.

I know I did when I set about resetting my life. It's normal and part of the process of improvement.

The quest for your Why and Purpose will involve adding new content to your life: reading, writing, listening, being open to new ideas, and fresh perspectives. All these things are essential to kick-start the process of change.

Together we’ll evaluate how your health impacts your personal and professional life, your friends, family, kids, and everything that's important to you.

In time you’ll be able to write it down, schedule it and say it our loud.

None of us know how long they have, and no one wants to leave dreams and ambitions unfulfilled.

Live life to the max.

Don't wait to create your great.

Act now.

Would you like more information or to register for The Human Mechanic 8-week course or 1-on-1 coaching? Click the links below:
The Human Mechanic
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