April 10, 2023

Cow Milk is for Building Baby Cows

Cow Milk is for Building Baby Cows

One of the top 5 items I have patients remove from their diet during our nutritional programs is dairy(all products).


It may be delicious but it’s extremely inflammatory and how our culture consumes it is very unnatural. It disrupts the natural process of a healthy human body and eventually causes dysfunction and disease.


If we consumed it raw, it has the potential to not be so inflammatory. Anytime, anything goes in our bodies (anything you can swallow) and it’s altered differently than we would get in the natural world, it will absolutely cause disfunction in your organ systems. Once inside our body it has to be assimilated and them we have to process that unnatural thing out of the body.


We are meant to experience our world as it was for our ancestors, the beauty of science is that we can remove many inconveniences/detriments to the human body as our ancestors experienced but the dogma of science or to much belief in science can hurt us too. We must always balance the philosophies of our current world, consistently remind ourselves of natural laws, and then pair those with the awesomeness of science. We can then move forward as a healthy humanity.


Ask yourself, before putting anything in your body “did my ancestors have access to this thing I’m about to eat”? If the answer is no then it’s probably one of the reasons your body isn’t well or as optimally functioning.


Live your life naturally and abundantly,


Dr John Palmer


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